The map of Shenzhen in China with streets and houses

Shenzhen ([ʂə́nʈʂə̂n] ( ); Chinese: 深圳) is a major city in Guangdong Province, . The city is located immediately north of Special Administrative Region and holds sub-provincial administrative status, with powers slightly less than a province.

Shenzhen was a market town of 30,000 people on the route of the Kowloon–Canton Railway. That changed in 1979 when Shenzhen was promoted to city-status and in 1980 designated China’s first Special Economic Zone (SEZ). According to the Government report for 2015, Shenzhen had transformed to a city with population of 10,778,900 and a metropolitan area population of over 18 million. Shenzhen was one of the fastest-growing cities in the world during the 1990s and the 2000s. Shenzhen's population boom slowed down to less than one percent per year by 2013 as the manufacturing boom ebbed in favor of other industries.

Shenzhen's modern cityscape is the result of its vibrant economy made possible by rapid foreign investment since the institution of the policy of "reform and opening" establishment of the SEZ in late 1979.

Shenzhen is a major financial center in southern China. The city is home to the Shenzhen Stock Exchange as well as the headquarters of numerous high-tech companies. Shenzhen ranks 19th in the 2016 edition of the Global Financial Centres Index published by the Z/Yen Group and Qatar Financial Centre Authority. It also has one of the busiest container ports in the world.

Geographical values of city:

  • − in degrees, minutes and seconds: 22°32′35″ of northern latitude and 114°3′28″ of eastern longitude;

  • − in degrees, minutes and decimal fractions of a minute: 22°32.586′ of north. lat. and 114°3.472′ of east. long.;

  • − in degrees and decimal fractions of a degree: 22.543096°N and 114.057865°E.

Length of Shenzhen from south to north is 50.2 kilometers, from west ot east — from 62.1 to 61.9 km.

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