Pikachu from Pokemon Go call to create a pokestopCreate a pokestop in your city!

Pokemons on the map of Valencia in Spain with pokestops and places

Pokémon Go — free, multiuser role computer game based on detaction of a location additional reality on iOS and Android devices.

In a game players use mobile devices with GPS with ability to find, catch, fight and train pokemons, that appear on a screen, as if they locate in the same real place, as a player.

Only for a week after release a gage get a huge popularity in Valencia. Pokémon Go after it release got mixed reviews from critics, that lauded conception of a game and stimul to be more active in a real world.

Pokemon Go fast become a global event, however, alse call ambiguous reaction for participation in accidents and violation of public peace in some places of Valencia. In a gemt attended all pokemons of first generation, among they beginning: Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtl and Pikachu.

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Streets view

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Catching of pokemons in Valencia on videos

Videos of catching of pokemons in Valencia taken from YouTube and belong to their authors.